Kirkbean Primary School

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Kirkbean Primary School 1972-73: Pictured from left to right (back row): Kevin Robertson, Sharon Coltart, Leslie Hundertmark, Doreen O'Conner, Ian Johnston. (Middle row): ?, Russell Burns, George Stitt, George Agnew, ? (Third row): Bridie Douglas, Carol Burns, Elaine Kirkland, Phillipa Wilson, Morag Hutton, Elaine Roscoe. (Seated) Marion Tait, Boris Wilson, Karen McDowall. Image Ref: KS1

Kirkbean Primary School 1974-75: Pictured from left to right (back row): Michelle McCready, George Agnew, William Johnston, Kevin MacMillan, John McGhie, Kevin Robertson. (Middle row) Tommy Aitchison, Maxwell Bigham, George Stitt, William Morland, Michael Gibson, Ian Johnston, Leslie Hundertmark. (Front row): Sharon Coltart, Doreen O'Conner, Phillipa Wilson, Anne Hundertmark, Elaine Kirkland, Bridie Douglas, Elaine Roscoe. Image Ref: KS2


Kirkbean Primary School 1954: (Back row) F McVey, E Thomson, T Crosbie, I Ritchie, R Brown, D Kirkpatrick, A Seggie. (Middle row): J Shields, S Bell, M Walker, F Milneredmead, S Brown, J Topping, M Barbour, M Shields, E McNeilie. (Front row) R Glendinning, W Allan, R Kirk, A Donaghue. Teacher: Miss C Black. Image Ref: KS3

Kirkbean Primary School, C.1972-73: Back row: Gordon Cloy, Billy Burns, Lesley McMillan, Norman Fazakerley, Kenneth Baird, John McGhie, Alister Stewart, William Johnstone. Second row: Kevin McMillan, William Tait, Alister Baird, Billy Wilson, William Gibson, Garry McKentie, Michael Gibson. Third row: Elizabeth Callander, Mona Callander, Julie Glendinning, Isabell Kirkham, Anne Hundertmark, Carol Hundertmark, ? Cravens. Front row: Eunice Tait, Janet Baird, Julie Agnew, Angela Mullany. Image Ref: KS4