Fete - Sale - Auction - Dance at Cavens House, Kirkbean, in aid of the Kirkbean Community Centre

Saturday, July 21st, 1945

Kirkbean Concert Party in Beeswing Hall circa 1961

In this photo, we can see the following people:

Very back row, from left to right: Mrs May Stitt, Drumburn; Mr Bill Topping, Headmaster of Kirkbean School; Mr James Kirkland Snr, Cowcorse; Mrs James Kirkland, Cowcorse
Back row, left to right: Mr Bob Walker, Carsethorn; Rev Fenton Wilson; Mr Wm Cameron, Powillimont; Mrs McVey, Criffelhouse; Mrs Callender, Brickhouse; Mrs Jean Topping, Kirkbean; Miss Christine Rae, nanny at Maxwellfield, Arbigland, for Archie and Camilla Blackett; Mrs Dora Black, Carsethorn; Primrose Dougan, Arbigland.
Middle row, left to right: Mrs Fazakerley; Mrs Duncan whose husband was the accountant at Arbigland; Mrs Wilson, the Minister's wife; Polly Gordon, Carsethorn; Mrs Deans, Carsethorn; Mrs Glendinning, Kirkbean.
Front row, left to right: Mr Graham Barbour; George Fazakerley, Snr; Mr Bobby Carver; Mr Wm Deans, Carsethorn.

Was this a play or a pantomime in Kirkbean many years ago? If you have any ideas or information, please contact us.

The Garden of Galloway by Robert J Arnott, published in the Dumfries Standard on September 4th, 1901