Kirkbean Community Council

We would encourage you to come along to our next meeting which is on

MONDAY 2nd March 2020

 137th Ordinary Meeting at 7.30pm in Kirkbean Village Hall

Kirkbean Community Council now has 9 newly elected members and a newly co-opted member to represent the parish on a range of issues.  The Community Council is a statutory consultee on matters such as planning applications.  Members of the public are welcome to attend Community Council meetings which are held five times a year at Kirkbean Village Hall now on 1st  Monday of the month :-  

2nd March 2020,

4th May 2020 AGM at 7pm and OM Meeting at 7.30pm 

6th July 2020, 

5th October 2020 

7th December 2020

Our Community Council members are:


 James W Lindsay -  Cowcorse, Preston Mill, Kirkbean


James S Murray - West Preston Farm, Kirkbean


Alice Rourke - 1 Moor Cottages, Arbigland

Minutes Secretary (Associate Member)

Rachel Hennessy - The Barracks, Carsethorn

Returning Officer

Councillor Kirsty Peden

Dear Neighbour,

We would like to encourage you to come to our meetings in Kirkbean Village Hall.

The Community Council can only be representative of the community if you take part in discussions and activities and let us know what you are thinking.

We aim to make our meetings as short and purposeful as possible.

Community Councillor 

James Kirkland - The Knowe, Kirkbean

Community Councillor  

Clement W Lowe - Spindrift, Carsethorn

Community Councillor 

Maureen Scott - 5 Victoria Terrace,  Carsethorn

Community Councillor 

William Wilson - Carsemannoch, Carsethorn

Community Councillor

 Guy N McCrum - The Caravan, Carsaig, Kirkbean,

Community Councillor

Stephen, Andrew Crowson -   Burnside Cottage, Kirkbean,

Co-opted Community Councillor

Wendy J Hampson - Old Post Office, Kirkbean

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